PETZ Vienna`Best

Distillation process under pressure means the extraction of raw materials at low temperatures.This way the important components remain in the rosin.
This, as well as the addition of beeswax, results an exceptionally soft colophony with many advantages:

  • ·         excellent adhesion
  • ·         no side noise
  • ·         low dust
  • ·         applicable at all temperatures
  • ·         economical to use

Premium quality recommended for experienced players and orchestra musicians

PETZ Soloist

High quality raw materials and a special recipe provide increased grip on the strings!

This quality is especially appreciated by orchestra musicians whereas with higher room temperatures "Soloist" dark is preferred.
To minimize the amount of dust produced "Soloist" is wrapped in a suede imitation.

PETZ beech wood

  • almost unbreakable
  • no sticky fingers
  • hand-made, piece by piece
  • the approved PETZ quality guarantees the best sound

PETZ Student

Ideal for amateur musicians and music students who appreciate the impeccable quality.
The light quality is a little softer, the dark quality a little harder.

PETZ Promotion

  • Cello „Soloist“ + Politur  #5384