White instruments

Our white instruments are made exclusively in Romania.

This ensures accurate scales and clean processing.
We only use well matured tone wood.
The backs are consistently, beautifully flamed. 
Ebony fingerboards for further processing are only stapled.

Double bass ¾ usually on stock, 5-string or smaller upon request

Cellos offered in various models:

  • ACE30-S  Strad model
  • ACE30-M  Montagnana model
  • ACE30-A  Amati model
  • ACE30-G  Gagliano model

Strad model also in small size available

Viola Strad model (AVA20) in various size

Violins in following models:

  • ASV10 Strad model
  • AGV10 Guarneri model
  • AOV10 Ornati model
  • ACV10 Capicchioni model
  • ABV10 Strad Betts model

3/4 und 1/2 in stock, smaller size on inquriy