Romanian Violins

Made in a small family business by experienced violin makers.
Only matured tonewood from the Carpathian Mountains is used.

We currently offer three levels of quality, that are distinguished by the selection of the wood and the processing

German Violins

Prefabricated in Romania, completed by experienced German violin makers.
Very nicely flamed maple back, fine-grained pinewood cover, excellent antique style spirit-based hand-varnishing. With a high-quality peg, tailpiece and bridge.
Model WVT60

Hungarian Violins

Produced in the Czermak violin manufactory

Two qualities, both from selected tone woods and with a convincing sound

Chinese Violins

We offer exclusively solid wood instruments with maple back and frame as well as spruce top.

NX70 - in a small workshop completed violins are made from selected tone wood.Beautiful flamed undivided back, light brown spirit-based varnish. With pegs and tailpiece. The instruments have a very beautiful sound.

SM50 - nice-sounding violins, intensive dark brown varnish, flamed back.
With pegs and tailpiece

SS20 – Antique style varnish, slightly flamed, good sound

YB60 - very good student instrument with surprisingly good sound. Dark brown varnish, beautiful flaming, good workmanship. With ebony pegs and tailpiece made of light metal
Available from 4/4 to 1/16 sizes

YB40 - good student instrument, excellent cost-benefit. Good sound, satisfactory processing, flamed back. With ebony pegs and tailpiece made of light metal
Available from 4/4 to 1/16 sizes