The new PETZ PREMIUM for the double bass incorporates the successful development and improvement of our proven Petz bass rosin.

Based on pure and natural ingredients, PREMIUM PETZ offers exceptional attributes of the highest quality.

The precise initial melting point during the bow motion allows to play music without any scratching noise.

Soft consistency guarantees perfect adhesion and prevents excessive
Which is an advantage of the instrument and musician

The practical and environmentally friendly packaging (made of liquid wood) protects the colophony and prevents it from drying out rapidly

PETZ Bass rosin

For the ambitious bass player

  • Guarantees a sure grip 
  • Minimizes side noise  
  • Increases the tonal range 
  • Low dust
  • Economical to use

Available in three grades: soft, medium, hard

PETZ Promotion

Transparent packaging with colophony and cleanser/polish

  • Bass rosin + Rosin Remover  #5381
  • Bass rosin + Polish  #5382