With the exception of historical and newly built master instruments of European origin (this domain should only be reserved for experienced violin makers), we offer a diverse selection of violins, violas, cellos and double basses.

In Europe we purchase the instruments exclusively from small companies, mainly from Romania and the Czech Republic.

This means that we can take full responsibility for the quality of workmanship, the origin and the storage time of the tone wood and, in some cases, implement special customer requests.

Our semi-finished products, from the instrument neck to the almost finished but of course unpainted instrument blanks, also come only from European workshops.

From China we offer a small selection of instruments from very experienced, renowned master violin makers. Most of them have completed their training and further master studies in Europe or the USA and are now working at the highest level in their home country.

Model Kreisler

Kreisler model:

Our string instruments for school children and amateur musicians are handcrafted, but made up of a division of labor. Naturally made of solid wood, but different in the use of the accessories and varnish, we always have a comprehensive selection, from the 1/16 violin to the 4/4 bass, in stock.

G60 violin:

Our violin maker checks all instruments and, if necessary, ensures a high-quality setup.