Moser Patent Mechanism (MPMN) for double bass and cello

The MPMN is a flexible connection between the bridge and bridges feet,
which ensure a guaranteed permanent and snug fit of the bridge feet on the top of the body of the instrument.
This causes a level rise achieved over the entire sound spectrum of the instrument. (see test report and further information on )

Additional advantages:

– The flexible bridge feet adapt to the changes of the sound perfectly in each case (e.g. temperature and humidity fluctuations).

– A matching of the bridge angle to the instrument is possible at any time without having to edit the bridge further.

– An individual height adjustment of the string system adapted to the playing style is possible!

Height adjustable saddle (HVU) for double bass

With the HVU, different types of strings and top loads, that require different string tensions, are no longer a problem.
The semicircular bar enables the string angle to be matched to the ideal conditions for your instrument in the simplest way.

The Moser patent mechanism is an ideal addition to the often necessary readjustment of the string height.

Moser Flex tailpiece (MFT) for double bass

Due to the many possible string lengths, differentiated sound patterns and different sound volumes are possible.
Wolf tones are avoided by most of the double basses.

Moser Wolftone Eliminator (MWT)

Available for cello and double bass. Easy to assemble.