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Bender cello endpin, solid brass 60cm


Bender cello endpin, solid brass 60cm, Ø 10mm, aluminum end button, weight: appr. 480g

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Bender cello endpin, solid brass 60cm

A new color for the BENDER Soundpin!

The latest addition to the range of BENDER endpins is made of solid brass. This endpin is very stiff, which will suit tall players, who need to extend the endpin all the way and still wish to have a stable playing position. The solid brass endpin will give a big and bold sound, with warm colors and a powerful presence.

The matching BENDER button is machined from solid aluminium and screw-fitted into the cello. The coupling between cello and endpin is improved, when compared to regular push-fitted buttons. With less mechanical losses, the sound becomes stronger and cleaner.

Clamping is done via the large fluted collet nut. It is easy to grab, even with sweaty hands.