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Intelli digital violin tuner - chromatic tuner

4 in 1 - Chromatic Tuner - Guitar tuner - Metronome - Pitch generator; Chromatic Tuner Features - A=430 to A=449 calibration for modern or period music. (N. America tunes to A=440, Europe tunes to 441-442). - Wide tuning Range: A0-B7 - Use two visual aids for a quick and accurate tune: A simulated needle meter on the large, widescreen LCD or an LED light that changes from yello when flat, green for "in tune" and red to indicate sharp. - An excellent ear training aid for violin and other pitch-sensitive instruments: Practice playing slow scales, exercizes and pieces in absolutely correct pitch. - 8-octave tuning range effective for all pitch instruments Guitar Tuner Features - Same as the Chromatic feature, but only tunes EADGBE and eliminates confusion for string players. - Also very useful for violin or bass. - Transpose mode: 4 steps flat Metronome Features - Highly accurate metronome with several programmable with accent pitches denoting 0 (no accent), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 beat time. - Accented and subdivided beat options including 5 rhythms (eighth note, eighth note triplets, triplet swing, sixteenth notes, and dotted-eighth sixteenth patterns.) - Tempo 40 to 216 times per minute with 40 steps - Flashing LED light and simulated pendulum on screen for two visual cues. - Loud wood block and crisp chime tone, may be muted. Crisp digital tones in two pitches also indicate down and up-beats I've been meaning to tell you that [my son] loves his tuner. He was very excited when it tried tuning his fart... apparently it decided on a G. - Anonymous parent of a player Other Features - Digital Pitch Pipe offers reference tones: 40 reference pitches from A2#-C6#. Great for ear training and pitch matching. - Uses 2 AAA batteries (included). Ultra-long battery life, ten times longer than others.Automatic power-off after 3 minutes of no signal to extend battery life - Recessed power on/off button won't accidently turn on in your instrument case. - Built-in stand for desktop use. - Slim and compact design, smaller than a pack of cards. Measures 100 mm (4 in) x 66.5 mm (2.6 in) x 16 mm (1/3 in). Approx 100g (3.5 ounces). - Tolerance of +/- 0.5 cents, uses Quartz crystal. - Built in mic for acoustic. 6mm mono Input jack for use with mic clip (not included) or for electric instruments.