Resounding Fingerboard

The ResoundingFingerboard is a fingerboard attachment designed for all string players of all levels. It can be used to learn and improve important technical aspects of instrumental playing, such as vibrato, trills or the double finger technique, in an innovative and effective way.

This has some highly beneficial side effects: The finger speed becomes faster, the finger fall becomes more precise, and the intonation cleaner. The user will quickly develop an ideal balance between the stability and flexibility required in the fingers and find it easier to vary their newly developed sound spectrum. On top of all this, the ResoundingFingerboard allows the user to achieve better results in less time, while enjoying a more relaxed style of playing at the same time..

The ResoundingFingerboard enables

  • More pronounced and relaxed vibrato
  • Faster and more even trills
  • A more precise and accurate double grip technique
  • A more refined and precise finger drop
  • Faster finger speed
  • Clearer intonation
  • A more sonorous left-hand pizzicato technique
  • A new sound spectrum
  • The perfect balance between stability and flexibility
  • Preventively, healthier and more relaxed music making

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