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VioGlove glove

The VioGlove is the first glove designed
to improve every aspect of the left-hand technique!

A thrilling new addition to the violin/viola world.
The VioGlove’s soft microfiber pad promotes smoother, cleaner,
and effortless shifting. It makes the hand
‘feeling’ stronger, creates perfect spatial relationships
between each finger, gives all fingers a new found freedom.

VioGlove molds and balances the hand so proportionally to
the neck of the instrument that vibrato becomes more focused
and trills become faster.
Redistributes the tension in the hand properly, so that finger articulation
and coordination become more precise.

VioGlove trains every student, amateur, and professional, to
hold the violin in such a fundamentally sound way,
that moving up and down the fingerboard
with confidence becomes second nature.

Now for free - the BowBump
Wrap it around the 2nd. knuckle of your right index finger and lean the fuller-edge side into the stick

FEEL the difference, enjoy greater contact with the strings effortlessly.

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