‘PetzKolophonium Vienna’ was founded in 1912 by musician Ernst Petzka in Vienna, Austria.Petzka developed his own formula for his Kolophonium, as he was not satisfied with the then available violin rosin.

His „Petz“ Kolophonium was recognized by international musicians. The demand increased and he began to produce in larger numbers and offer it worldwide.

More than 100 years later, the special quality of his violin rosin ensures the loyalty and satisfaction of customers in more than 80 countries.

After passing down to his son and from him to a well-deserved employee, a wholesale business developed thanks to the worldwide connections. In the 1960s the specialization in strings for bowed instruments was added.

Since the takeover by the family Kögl in 1995 the connections in the Asian and American economic area intensified, developing a lively trade in both directions. String instruments and accessories as well as tools for violin makers are imported to Europe and at the same time high-quality European products are exported to Asian and American wholesalers.

Petz Vienna is now the hub for import and export for the small globally networked sector of violin makers and music shops and the wholesale trade involved. Specialization in a clear assortment reduces storage costs, ensures competitive prices and enables prompt delivery.

More than 100 years ago founder Ernst Petzka already had the benefit for his fellow musicians in mind and the business policy of Petz Vienna is defined in the same way today:

prompt ~ fair ~ flexible

Long-term business relationships for the benefit and advantage of violin makers, music shops and wholesalers. Since 2017, Petz Vienna also operates an online shop for resellers to make the ordering process transparent and easier.
In 2021, the company will be transformed into „PetzVienna Ltd.“.

Petz Vienna distributes exclusively:

Moser Patent Mechanism for cello and double bass
hight-adjustable saddle for double bass

Flex tailpiece for double bass

Kaiser Corkforms – the optimal non-slip processing aid for violin makers

ResoundingFingerboard – Learning aid to improve trills, vibrato, double fingering technique and much more

Chinrest lips – for violinists who play without a shoulder rest

VioGlove – The first glove designed to improve left hand technique!

Nature Works – the ecological care series for string instruments